Notes from Class 1: Welcome to Gov 3.0!

The first session will be January 29th, 2014 at 5:00PM EST. Take notes here!


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Beth’s Blog on the evolution of the course:

Project: figure out who else is doing the work and find ways to leverage their expertise

It is important to figure out how to engage people meaningfully. 

LumpenData says: Don’t forget third-class data. Data defines/defines out problems, too.

Let’s take notes on the same hackpad - where it says CLASS 2


2-5-14 Class on "Open Government"

Guest speakers from the Jefferson Center, Kyle Bozentko (Exec Director), Anna Calderon from the Office of the President, Mexico, and Mike Bracken, Executive Director of Digital, Government Digital Service (UK)

Mexico Data - AC

Alianza Gobierno Abierto

"Reconnecting the government to the users of government services." "No longer in the business of mass broadcast of services...government services that if not are personalized then customized"- Mike Bracken

Mike Bracken: in five years, we can expect "government services increasingly bespoked to individualized needs"

"Hearing citizens better...flexible government that can incorporate the use of new tools and the usage of traditional methods so as not to create a greater divide." - Anna Calderon

Let’s take notes on the same hackpad - where it says CLASS 2