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Dinorah C Expert Systems
Ultimate goal: if people knew more about... they will use it to better decision-making, etc.... driving more people to consume the content. Capacity building of the audience. Change the default of how people think. Look at different solutions. Inspire for new tools. Assessment. Let people know that they don't know - the level of understanding. Make different levels of the information, depending on what the user knows. 
Content of further advisors - selection criteria for our next project: 
  1. What do we know the most = give more meaningful advice?
  1. What issues should we focus on wide-spreading/have bigger impact regarding the GovLab goals? 
  1. What issues are more needed in the target community the GovLab is interested in reaching? 
 City Labs - Neil - have many documents that could be packaged in expert systems
 Assessing what you know and what you don't know
About the Crowdsourcing Advisor 
1. Primary intended users for the CS advisor- Determine the target users and then establish priorities among them (administrators at NYU, government officials, entrepreneurs, etc).
2. Case studies – Determine: 
  • The minimum of case studies for the advisor
  • The priorities regarding them (should we focus on diversity or should we focus on having more case studies regarding our primary intended users?) 
  • Plan to including/making more of them + a system of continuous feeding of the wiki
3. Further research strategy on crowdsourcing - brainstorming about lines of research that will result in giving more meaningful advice, i.e. possibility of mixing the variables, explain why financial incentives aren't necessary, adding cases of failures/comments about what doesn't work, etc.
4. Collaboration - Experts in the field that should be invited/interviewed as 2nd and 3rd eyes to review/edit the tool’s content. 
  • Daren Brabham
5. Review the comments on the advisor
6. Analytics strategy – to determine if this “packaging is the correct one”
  • Is it better than videos? Is it better than gamification? Better than reading a paper? 
  • Follow the clicks... if they actually click the links of the wiki - or as a marketing strategy if we are receiving more visits because of the expert system. 
7. Additional material - What additional material that we already have needs to be added to its content
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Esko R Next feature I would like to see is a link to the voting record of the representatives on issues of relevance to the question. We need better tools to bridge the say - do gap.
For next time, would be a good idea to pre populate the pad with the speaker twitter handles and the url of the relevant site. In a quick fire format like ignite I know some of the attention was diverted from speakers while trying to find those links so pre population would makes it a bit easier for the audience.
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Joanna B Thoughts on hackpad
I didn't sign in with google because it wanted permission to update my contacts (I don't mind it viewing my basic info).  But it found a picture for me anyway?  Where from?
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People: Basilio (lead); Alan advisor; Antony advisor/founder; Beth advisor; everyone is an advisor
Question: What are common practical challenges faced by innovators in the open governance space and how have they overcome those challenges? What lessons can be drawn for decision-makers applying new (or old, in new settings) policies everywhere?
·      Primary activities: evaluating and inviting potential presenters for the series
·      Technical A/V considerations: how do we make the demos engaging and watchable while maintaining relevance and substance?
·      Outputs: a 30 minute demo video every 2 weeks; eventual further opportunities for interaction e.g. via Q&A, forums, discussion, or further reading lists; in phase 2, intuitive integration into the GovLab website and creation of profiles (for vendors, facilitators and viewers).
Timeline: Launch mid-summer 2014; phase 2 starts December 2014
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  • Essentially this growing community of practice could benefit from seeing itself as a fledgling expert network - would be very useful to overlay tools to rapidly find insight, connect.
Lilly E
  • Collaboration Process Design
  •   - why not leave it to emerge and have curators / facilitators for specific aspects? More engagement and shared ownership. Also more fun :)
  •  Active network of extramural / nongov players that want to share experiences with problem solving around real-world issues. On-topic as well as off. Example: automotive industry players who can help nurture ideas & creativity on workable solutions for govs. 
  • Local government and volunteer Parish Councillors experiences
We're working on a backbone technology that may be helpful, currently in active piloting. See solutionbuilder.org ( Astrid Scholz - if you are here at the event today - would love to learn more about solutionbuilder) (Michael Lewkowitz - just happened in from the comfort of my backyard; happy to talk more, ajscholz@ecotrust.org)
1327 days ago
The code is here: github.com/democracyos"
Beth N Class Exercise: Universal Pre-K
  • Issue: Addressing physical space requirements: (Amount of space needed to meet demands of additional seats)
  • IDEAS: Place where people can suggest available spaces
Alan S
  • Mapping buildings under renovation that have not move forward with old plans remaining an eyesore for community.  - MS Mapping areas that are being held by government in some way shape or form.  
  • Con: gets us into the heart of the city bureaucracy 
Beth N
  • PARENT DISCUSSION BOARD (related to site selection/setup)
Marina S
  • Involve InsideSchools.org who already have a great reputation and can get word out to their followers
  • Neighborhood Groups like BoCoCa Yahoo Parent Group would be key stakeholders
Beth N
  • IDEA: Exploring non-traditional places (home based situations?  community spaces?)
  • Need for engagement and requirements/inputs from stakeholders
  • Also - how can experts and those with experience 
  • Need to improve parental experience
  • Connecting parents to one another
  • involvement in design and later educational processes
  • Involvement in application process (assistance with applying)
Alan S Tie pre-k to work (does that sounds like healthcare to work?  Does that mean that we end up with some problems with parents not leaving their workplace... because they *love* their kids Pre-K?  Or does that not really matter for the one year period?)  Why not keep kids near their parents and distribute pre-K to the workplaces of parents, augmenting shared spaces for post-daycare concept of universal pre-k.  
Beth N Quality How can quality be designed into the holistic lifecycle of the entire program? 
  • Qualification of teachers (assessment, certification, continuing evaluations, licensing, etc)
  • Measuring performance of locations?  Or community partners?  Of outcomes?  Of cost? 
  • Consider need for information system and programatic method to create, tag, store and protect date sets related to the success metrics.  Food, safety, socialization, learning pace are among the criteria mentioned... 
Here's the exercise (Fill in one or more lines in response)
Daniel S Teaching fellows information: http://titanpad.com/teachingfellows
Guest Teaching fellows
1. What is the idea? Recruit professionals and graduate students to volunteer in Universal Pre-K programs to train as teachers and assistants for existing staff. These volunteers will work with Pre-K students and help create a quality Pre-K experience. 
2. Problem solves? Not enough professionals to run the universal Pre-K program
3. Theory of change?
If we expand the number of educated and trained teaching professionals in the Pre-K world, we can create more programs and provide Pre-K for more students. 
4. How would this work?
Volunteers are offered professional training to work with children in Pre- K programs. Volunteers interview at several Pre-K programs and offered volunteer positions where they have the best fit. At the end of the year volunteering, they may apply for salaried positions. 
 Volunteers can sign up using an online volunteering platform where they can also solicit recommendations and reviews.  
 Volunteers would undergo a DOE background check. 
5. Who am i asking to do what? Professionals, graduate students and other adults can apply to become a volunteer teaching fellow at a Pre-K. We are asking the Pre-K schools to interview and then offer some training to volunteers. 
Other Educational NGOs.
6.. Cons
Hard to evaluate programs 
Strangers (can be solved though background checks) with children
Quality of education will vary depending of the fellow
Safety issue
Need to train fellows
7. Pros
More people trained to teach
Integral education on diverse topics
Beth N What is the project? Title
Aissata C Innovative learning 
Beth N What problem does it solve?
Aissata C small scale: Solve the issue of space, comparative method for evaluation 
Large scale: family cohesion issues  
Beth N What is the theory of change?
Aissata C putting children in alternative spaces (i.e. their parents workspace) can improve their learning and family bond. 
Beth N What else is out there like it?
Aissata C There are private companies....
What's the ask and of whom? Private sector companies to provide space for kids to come in and learn at first on a limited basis and later make it ongoing. 
Beth N How will it work?
Aissata C Pros: Parents stay with kids, kids learn different skills 
Beth N Cons
What is the project? Title
What problem does it solve?
What is the theory of change?
What's the ask and of whom?
How will it work?
What else is out there like it?
What is the project? Title
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Unfiled. Edited by cosmo.fujiyama@gmail.com , Daniel Soto , Amy Furman , Etay Zwick 1362 days ago
cosmo.fujiyama@gmail.com March 26th - CLASS 8 - Open Data Governance: Open Data 
  • Greg Elin 
  • Teddy Zmrhal
  • Matthew Burton
  • Dinorah Cantu Pedraza  - Former Gov 3.0 student 
  • Jesus Cepeda - Current online Gov 3.0 learner, visiting NYC 
  • Assemblyman Vidal Llerenas
  • Sarah Aquilar Flaschka 
  • Joel Gurin 
"FISMA is like taxes" (Greg Elin)
At the FCC: wanted to do an updated website, hosted "in the cloud". They had to prepare a security plan. System Security Plan: 
Without a "POA&M" (Plan of Action and Milestones) you can't launch your website.
Everytime you want to use a new technology system or tool, you have to go through the FISMA framework to prove that your use is secure.
FISMA Security Objectives:
  1. Confidentiality
  1. Integrity
  1. Availability
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